About Us

Hey Fam, welcome. I glad you stopped by to learn a little about us.

Life Petals started 2 years ago as a personal Instagram platform to uplift followers on their daily journeys. The hope was to present content that can ease the struggles of life. To become their ‘two scoops of sugar’ that help the medicine go down, gotta love Mary Poppins.

With the same objective, Life Petals has grown into a Boutique and  Blog page for men & women where community, self-expression, love, faith, hope, and self-love is cultivated within the personal blogs, social media platforms, and product line.

Life is not one size fits all. It blows in different petals that launch you in various directions that you might not be prepared for.

I believe no one should ever feel alone nor should anyone believe no one understands their journey. If all I can do is put a smile on your face or a positive thought on your mind, I’m here to try.

Real Life! Real Emotions! Real Thoughts! Real Me!

That is what I bring.

I share my life journey with the desire to help others as I continue to help myself.

God didn’t create us to walk this path called Life alone.

How about it? Become a part of the Family. 

We look forward to seeing you on this platform and remember to follow us on social media for our daily posts.

Instagram @life.petals 

Facebook @lifepetalsboutique

We are more than a boutique or just a blog. We are a journey. Come be apart of the experience.

“Express what you believe. Love who you are.                                                                   — Life Petals Motto

Many Blessings,

Taliah W.

Life Petals Boutique & Blog Owner