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Hard To Heal

This is very personal to me, and I share it in hopes it will help others.

We speak on how important it is to heal from our past. However, what if your present situation feels the same as what you’ve been through?

No, no, that’s not my current condition. But there was a time when it was. I was the abused youth who had to climb out of a very deep-dark hole, dust myself off, and keep on going while dragging my hurt and dysfunctions with me. I tried to find stability, normality, and comfort in new conditions. You know, a fresh start. Yet to only find myself treading through murky waters again as a young adult with individuals that caused me to relive what I'd been through by added on additional pain.

Fighting for #teamme is an occupational hazard I know very well.

But I never got the opportunity to really begin the healing process until recently. This occurred because most of my primary environments and people changed. I then began to notice a healthier difference in me and concluded that I couldn't heal before because I was still walloping in unhealthy conditions.

If you don’t place yourself in a safe, peaceful environment, it won’t matter how much talking or counseling you do, you will not heal properly. It’s like having an open wound and cleaning it with diseased water. You’re only making it worse.

 I’m not here to step on any toes. I only want to give my point of view from my experiences. If what’s in your life; rather person, place, or thing feels like what wounded you in your past, it might be time to reevaluate your situation, Family.


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