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Gotta Start Somewhere

In the beginning

Between 1998-2017 there where thoughts, a word, a feeling, and literally a dream.

A thought of teaching, sharing, helping, and creating.

A word that inspires, motivates, shares love, wisdom, and understanding.

My feelings of frustration, compassion, love, fear, and hope.

A real dream where my thoughts, words, and feelings poured into hearts and onto people.

I’ve walked down many paths in life and some roads were long, strenuous, dangerous, and confusing, while others were shorter, more fulfilling, and peaceful. Regardless of the paths I’ve journeyed down, they all led me to where and who I am today. So, I’ve decided to take the good and the bad and make some kool-aid with it! 😊

Thus the birth of Life Petals.

I have combined my experiences as a:

  • Daughter, sister, grandchild, niece, aunt, wife and mother
  • A student with high, medium and low grades in high school and college
  • Overcomer of physical, mental and emotional abuse
  • Sailor in the US Navy and Wife of a Navy Chief
  • Cashier, Adm Assistant, Business Assistant, Project Coordinator, Stay At Home Wife/Mother, Homeschool Mom, Ebay Proprietor, and the list continues…
  • Failure and Conquerer
  • Fighter of health issues
  • Non-believer, Sometime Believer, Bible Beating Believer & Relaxed Believer
  • Missionary, Minister, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Bible, Study Leader, Event Planner, Play Writer, Musician Tinker, and Chicken Frier
  • Depression Fighter
  • Mother that needs her kids to leave her alone sometimes but misses them when I don’t see them for a few hours.
  • Artist, Poet, Writer, Author, and Non-Finisher of some projects
  • About that gym life and hater of all things gym related
  • Lover of God, family, music, books, art, natural science, history, human nature, Netflix, Amazon Prime, traveling, good food and introvertism (yes, it’s a word)
  • Human! …and so much more.

Life isn’t one size fits all, and I don’t pretend that mine is. I bring my real emotions, thoughts, imagination and life to the table.

Life Petals is an ever-flowing, ongoing evolving extensions of myself that started as an Instagram platform to inspire others through my faith and life experiences. With the same objective, Life Petals has grown into a Store and Blog platform where community, self-expression, faith, hope, and self-love is given Life within my products and blogs.

I believe life isn’t designed to do alone. So, let’s journey together.

Taliah W.


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